Depression from the Out Side

by deathmage777

For many, depression seems like a group a bunch of people who slit their wrists and kill themselves. One thing that makes me angry is people who don’t know about depression saying things about those that do. So i decided to write an in depth description of depression. From someone who has it, and still does. To understand depression take away everything you like doing, stop seeing friends. You degrade, until you spend evenings with you head in your hands, because nothing can make you happy. You may think that this is my story before i got help, but I’ve been on CAMS for months. I want the help now, why can’t I get help when I need it so dearly. I’m forever getting closer, but just because it seems like as soon as you tell someone about depression it’ll go away. It doesn’t. I am ‘preaching’ this message because depression is still misunderstood. People don’t hurt themselves for fun, they want a way out….

Based on my life, now, no I’m not self harming.